April15: Vishu | Ugadi | Tamil New Year | Ayyappa Puja at SVCC Temple

SVCCTemple and Ayyappa Samaaj celebrated Vishu and Tamil New Year on April 15, 2017 with traditional Vishu Kaineettam, Rudra-Abhishekam, Harihara-putra Ashtothra Shatanamavali, Divine Bhajans, LokaVeeram, Arya Vamsam, and Harivarasanam.

Special Vishu Abhishekam

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Vishu 2017

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Vishu Ugadi Tamil New Year Ayyappa Puja at SVCCTemple. 4/15/17

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Vishu 2017

Vishu Celebrations 2017 SVCCTemple

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2017 – April 1: GRAND Cultural Event

With Swami Ayyappa's blessings, we were able to put on Apr.1 Ayyappa Samaaj Vishu Ugadi New Year Cultural Program….

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Irumudi Puja (2015)

Pictures from the Irumudi Puja 2015 can be accessed here

Additional pictures

Additional Pictures (set 2)

Laksharchana (2015)

We sang and chanted in unison on October 24th to invite our beloved Swami Ayyappan to come amongst us as we usher in the Mandalam Season  2015. More than 100 of us  joined together to participate in the rare and auspicious Laksharchana at the SVCC temple to settle our beloved Ayyappa on his throne; at the   pinnacle of the “Pathinettu Padigal” or the 18 steps.

Laksharchana is the practice of reciting the divine name (the Harihara Puthra Sahasranama) in the form of mantras 100,000 times. Devotees, ably guided by the priests at SVCC Temple, engaged in the recitation of Ayyappa Sahasranama. It was a day long event which included recitation of Sahasranamam, rudram and sukthams. Of course, we wouldn’t let any evening pass without singing our Ayyappa Swamy’s bhajans. Children and elder alike were entranced by the high octave bhajans sung by the Ayyappa Samaaj team.

We requested our beloved Ayappa to accept the special prasadams which included 18 varieties  specially prepared by the Madapalli team and served in special urulis. The in-house Madapalli team of Ayyappa Samaaj prepared this feast from scratch and followed it up with a Sashtha Preethi  for all devotees.

Several senior members of the community joined the event, bringing with them their long years of experience in conducting similar pujas. Parents and children alike participated with great fervor. Ayyappa Samaaj invites you all to join us for the Mandalam season beginning November 14. Let us sing and pray for Swami Ayyappan to continue to bless us and guide us.

Event Pictures can be found here and here

Kids Ganesha Puja (2015)

Ganpati Bappa Moraya….Vakratunda Mahakaya Suryakoti Samaprabha!!!
The epiphanous chants of Lord Ganesha to celebrate HIS magnificent strength and glory filled the spaces at SVCC temple on a warm glorious Saturday morning.
On 19th September, more than 160 children with their parents, grandparents and little siblings participated in the Kids Ganesha Puja organized by Ayappa Samaaj. Held under the auspices of Pandit Umashankar Dikshit ji, founder and head priest of Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Cultural Center, boys and girls dressed in their best attires chanted  shlokas boisterously  and performed puja with unbridled enthusiasm  to honor our beloved Ganapati.
Many folklores about Lord Ganesha were told to them and shlokas were translated for easier comprehension.  Each child took home their own special idol of Lord Ganesha to stay with them at their home. Once the puja was completed, our young heroes were fed with sumptuous tasty maha-prasadam made with great care and love by the Ayappa Samaaj team at the temple. The day had several highlights including children reciting stories about Lord Ganesha and singing prayers to honor the mighty Siddhi Vinayaka.
Ayappa Samaaj also organized a Ganesh modeling session with Mrs. Sangeetha when children made their own little clay Ganesha. Ayappa Samaaj is constantly looking for opportunities to serve the community and continuing  our strong cultural traditions.
Keep watching out of more events by Ayaapa Samaaj and kindly join us. Swami Saranam!
Event pictures can be found here
Videos can be found here

TATWAMASI – The story of Swami Ayyappan (2015)

Swami Saranam!! With Swami Ayyappa’s blessings TATWAMASI – Dance drama based on the life story of Swami Ayyappa – was presented on May 2, 2015 at Ohlone College’s Smith Center by Alarippu Dance School (Artistic Director Radhika Dinesh.)

It was great to witness the wonderful dancing and excellent music, and the devotion to Swamy Ayyappa.

Appreciate the passionate support from the community which energizes us to do more serving Swami Ayyapa & HIS devotees

Photos from the event can be accessed at our facebook page or by clicking here

Mandalam Start (2014)

Swami Saranam!! With Ayyappa Swami’s blessings the grand event of Ayyappa Mandalam Starts event was conducted today (Nov 16, 2014) at SVCCTemple, Fremont in grand fashion. Ganesha abhishekam, Ayyappa abhishekam, archana, alankaram, thaalapoli with chenda melam, maala dharana for devotees who are taking the deeksha etc. were part of this grand event. Here are some pictures from the event. More pictures will be added in the next few days, as we are going through all of the hundreds of pictures…

Vishu (2014)

Ayyappa Sannidhi Kumbhabhishekam (Feb 2014)

With Swami Ayyappa’s blessings, the permanent shrine for Sri Dharma-shastha was dedicated to the public on February 9, 2014 as part of the Maha Kumbhabhishekam at the SVCCTemple, 40155 Blacow Rd., Fremont. Here are some pictures from the Kumbhabhishekam at the Ayyappa shrine. More pictures from the main event will be made available on the FB page for SVCC Temple ( http://facebook.com/svcctemple ) Swamiyae Saranam Ayyappa!!

Mandalam Start (2013)

Ayyappasamaaj kicked off Mandalam 2013 at SVCC with Ayyappa Abhishekam, Maala Dhaarana, Thalapoli to the beats of Chenda Melam, Bhajans, Archana, Padipaattu, Lokaveeram, Harivarasanam and Maha Prasadam. Photo Credits: Thanks to Ajish Nair for the wonderful pictures.