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New Ayyappa Bhajan Book!

One of the signature aspects of all Ayyappa Samaaj events is the Ayyappa Samaaj Bhajan Book. The latest version of the Bhajan Book was released during the TATWAMASI event in 2015.
Here are some of the highlights of the new bhajan book:
  • Over 200 pages in color
  • Large font, for better readability
  • Numerous Veda¬†chants and mantra-s in Sanskrit and English.
  • Descriptions of journey to Sabarimala, significance of vrata, and significance of maala-dhaarana mantra, and more!
  • Presented with high quality binding and type-setting.

Access it online below or Get your personal copy from our Store

Ayyappa Bhajan Book (w/Shipping within US)

Ayyappa Bhajan Book (NO SHIPPING)



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