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Kids Ganesha Puja, Aug 27 @10:30AM

Wait list is open!
As we have reached the attendee limit, registration has been closed. Please add your children's names to the wait list, and we will contact you if we can accommodate your request.  http://bit.ly/KidsGanesha2016

Ayyappa Samaaj invites all to participate in the Kids Ganesh Puja as part of the Ganesh Chathurthi Celebrations. SVCC Temple (Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Cultural Center) is planning grand events, and you can find more details on those at http://svcctemple.org/fremont/
Ayyappa Samaaj's Kids' Ganesh Puja & Saraswathy Puja event have been drawing lots of children due to their simple and encouraging environment, and we anticipate registration for both to be filled in record time as in years past.  To signup for the event go to http://bit.ly/KidsGanesha2016 today! We have limited seating available so please register fast!

Google Gadothgajan  (October 22, 2016 @  4 PM)
Comedy  Drama  by Crazy Mohan & Team!

Google Gadothgajan, the comedy drama by Crazy Mohan & Team, will be presented on October 22, 2016 at the Performance Arts Center at Chabot College, Hayward. We have a few tickets left. These as well as discounted food coupons are available for sale at http://googlegadothgajan.com Please purchase these ASAP and support this fund raiser. 

On-site child care is also available, thanks to Safari Kid San Jose. All proceeds from this will be forwarded to Community Seva, a local non-profit supporting the needy around the San Francisco Bay Area.

TATWAMASI - The Story of Swami Ayyappan

Shastha Foods, Alarippu Dance School and Ayyappa Samaaj presented Tatwamasi, a Dance Drama depicting the story of Swami Ayyappan. This event was held at Ohlone College, Fremont, CA on May 2, 2015. During this event, the new Ayyappa Samaaj Bhajan Book was released. 

INDTVUSA. covered this event. Please click on the link below to see the photos and videos from this event.

New Ayyappa Samaaj Bhajan Book (Version 4)

New Ayyappa Bhajan Book!
After months of effort, with Swami Ayyappa's blessings, new version of the Ayyappa Bhajan Book was released on May 2nd, during the TATWAMASI event. The book is an absolute "must have" for all of us, as it contains all the wonderful songs we have grown to love during our Ayyappa Samaaj bhajans.  

Here are some of the highlights:
  • Multi colored pages, with so many images of deities. 
  • Large font, for better readability.
  • Numerous veda chants and mantra-s in Sanskrit and English.
  • More songs!
  • Descriptions of journey to Sabarimala, significance of vrata, and significance of maala-dhaarana mantra, and more!
  • Presented with high quality binding and type-setting.

Ayyappa Samaaj is very proud to release this new bhajan book, with the support of the Ayyappa devotee community and our esteemed sponsors. Swami Saranam!!

Order your personal copy today at:


2016-2017: Events Calendar  at Ayyappa Samaaj

Here is the list of events planned by Ayyappa Samaaj from August 2016 to April 2017. All dates tentative, unless otherwise mentioned. 

  • August 27: Kids Ganesh Puja [Confirmed. See top of page for more details.]
  • October 22: Google Gadothgajan [Confirmed. Click on link for more details.]
  • November 12 : Ayyappa Mandala Puja starts
  • December 03: Ayyappa Lakshaarchana & Shastha Preethi
  • December 17 : Kids Maala Dhaarana
  • December 23: Irumudi Preparation by all Deeksha-dhari-s
  • December 24: Irumudi Puja & Mandalam Conclusion
  • January 14, 2017: Grand Makara Vilakku event
  • April 8, 2017: Grand Vishu Sadya & Cultural Program
  • April 15, 2017: Grand Vishu Religious event at SVCC

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